Terms of use of the image and downloads database of KSR Group GmbH

All images of the image database are protected by copyright.

KSR Group GmbH allows the usage and distribution of the contents for the following purposes:

  • Coverage in print and online media
  • Presentation of vehicles of KSR Group for the purpose of promoting new vehicles of KSR Group GmbH by dealers and importers in print or online, provided that the new vehicles were obtained directly from KSR Group GmbH, from a foreign branch of KSR Group GmbH or from an official importer authorized by KSR Group GmbH.

When redistributing contents the copyright of KSR Group GmbH must be clearly stated. Contents may not be modified in any manner without written authorization of KSR Group GmbH and must not be used on other web sites for other purposes than those mentioned above.

A violation of these terms obliges the violator to the immediate destruction of all electronic and physical copies he created. The assertion of further damages is reserved.